Construction of a 7mm Finescale (O-Gauge) model of
LMS Princess Royal Class 4-6-2 Locomotive


or Scratching a 65 year old itch!

For the background to why I'm embarking on the construction of a model of the British Railways (ex-LMS) No.46200  "The Princess Royal", the first locomotive of the class - click here

My Model

I've been extremely fortunate that David Andrews has agreed to provide me with a kit to build a model of 46200 despite him having discontinued his kit for the first two locomotives of LMS "Princess Royal" class. LMS locomotives Nos 6200 and 6201 (BR Nos 46200 & 46201), built in 1933, were fairly obviously different from the main batch (LMS locomotives Nos 6203-12) built in 1935. Visually, the readily discernible  difference is below the footplate (LMS term: platform) where the first two "Princesses" were equipped with a style of slide-bars that clearly declare their heredity; in fact, the whole locomotive design was strongly based on that of the Great Western Railway Company's "King" class of locomotives.

Until my model is built the following video will have to suffice, hopefully I'll get close to the standard of the models of "Princess Royal" class locomotives in this YouTube clip:-

Note two models of the same locomotive "Princess Margaret Rose" are featured in the clip -
as it appeared in LMS days as No.6203 in LMS Crimson livery and in the BR Blue livery numbered 46203

Lee Marsh describes his models as historically correct and  museum quality, and it's not an overstatement! You might ask why build one when these models are available from Lee Marsh. Well, you won't get much change out 3000, for starters?

Build Status as of 9th December 2016

Still familiarising myself with the details of the locomotives from the books I've obtained on the "Princess Royal" class. Loco kit should arrive soon, in the mean-time I've purchased the wheels and the name & number plates. I've been assessing the possibility of squeezing a MSC Crailcrest motor & gearbox into my model. It's going to be a very tight fit and cause quite a bit of work removing metal and rebalancing the model as the 250g motor will overhang the trailing axle! Plan B is to use the considerably more compact motor & gearbox from my model of "Evening Star" that has proved to be far too powerful (in terms of top speed) for loco.



To be continued