- Jurassic for the most part; principally what's on our doorstep!

Clearly one needs to get to the coast to be able to experience it, and in genteel days (when these photos were taken) one let the train take the strain...

There were many train services terminating very close the coast, sadly most have gone. Indeed, the above picture is of 
the last (service) train along the Weymouth Harbour Tramway - it was pure coincidence that I photographed it!

The Harbour Tramway connected with British Railways owned  & operated, passenger ferries from Weymouth to the Channel
Isles and Cherbourg. By the time the above photograph was taken the ferries were operating under the British Ferries flag.

This portion of the Jurassic coast boast's two harbours, here's the other one...

Portland Harbour - its East entrance is in the centre of the above photo. I've included this photo as the strange
-looking vessel just to the right of the warship was RDV Crystal, an in-water test facility operated by AUWE.

O.K. so here's the coast...

...the White Nothe (one of the tops)...

...along the top...

...and from down below.

Everybody knows where the above is, but what about this place...'s a closer view:-

It's not this place:-

Lulworth Cove

Here's the clue:-

The (jutting-out to sea) land mass in the foreground is almost identical to that which contains Durdle Door,
and is known as Worbarrow Tout. However, this one is to the East of Lulworth Cove.

The (mostly over-looked) place equally worth visiting as Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door is:-

Satellite image courtesy of Google

One reason that the place isn't as well known as its neighbouring coastal features is that access to it is restricted by virtue of the British Army Firing Range at Lulworth.

Even further east, Chapman's Pool is a little better known, by (local) sailors, as a safe anchorage.

Further west (into Devon) the white cliffs cease.

By Seaton the white cliffs are all but gone...

...and the last of the white cliffs are next-door at Beer.

So, that's it! Twenty plus years of living with this scenery on the doorstep and just a handful of old photos that are worth (in my humble opinion) digital scanning. It probably means that I should get out more!!!!!