Construction of a model Bulleid Light Pacific: West Country Class Locomotive No. 34008 Padstow

24 Jun 2012 Finished Model  

Having sprayed the loco and tender with semi-gloss varnish and added crew to cab, the model was for all intents and purposes completed. Except for test running prior to it hauling my Devon Belle stock, as a recreation of the 1952 Devon Belle excursion to Dorchester, Dorset.

The test running revealed the tradition problem of model Bulleids i.e. leading wheels of the bogie fouling on the O/S cylinder drainpipes and the pony truck fouling on the pipe-work below the cab, on curves just a bit under 6 ft radius, resulting derailment. So, once again, back to the drawing board - well almost. A realignment of the pipe-work above the pony truck, some fairly major work on the bogie, and new O/S cylinder drainpipes later Padstow was tried hauling my Devon Belle stock:-


Just four of the eight car rake of Pullmans visible in this photo

Closer view of Padstow hauling the Pullman rake

Some final tweaks are necessary as Padstow was exhibiting surging, and its draw-hook and screw-link coupling need dirtying - perhaps a bit more dirtying of the MkII cylinder drainpipes as well!


Photos to be added (as and when) to this page