2011 - refurbishment of my locos


Here's the full (current) line-up of locos:-


The Refurbished locos


The GWR King required the most attention as the gearwheels had a habit of running out of alignment and tightening-up due to a slipping grub-screw.

The GWR Castle needed repairs to it working valve-gear.

The GWR Hall suffered a major suspension failure.

The GWR Grange needed work to its electrical pick-ups.




British Railways Standard Class 7P Britannia just needed a good wheel-clean and lubrication, having run many real miles.


British Railways Standard Class 9F required work on its pick-ups in addition to a good wheel-clean and lubrication.


British Railways ex-SR Merchant Navy Class required little attention as it has been running quite recently.

British Railways ex-SR Battle of Britain Class also required little maintenance having run recently.